Promotion Criteria 2020

Promotion Criteria into Year 4 (OP)

Based on the overall academic performance, students must attain:

(i)     At least a pass in English and 3 other subjects

(ii)    At least 50% in the overall performance of L1B5 subjects:

          L1 – English Language

          B1 – Humanities

          B2 – Mathematics or Additional Mathematics

          B3 – Any one Science subject

          B4  & B5 –  Best  TWO from any of the remaining examinable subjects not used in B1 to B3, Mother Tongue Language or Higher Mother Tongue Language, Music, Art , 3rd Language, MSP / CSP  


Please note that a student risks not being promoted if he does not meet the criteria stated above.  He may also be required to adjust his subject options for Year 4 (OP) if he does not pass English Language + 3 other subjects.